Patch the Pirate

Brother David and Cydnie Morton

Patch the Pirate Club is a remarkable children's program that nurtures the Christian character of elementary-aged children through engaging activities and lessons centered around Bible stories, music and games. This unique club is designed to help young "Sailors" spiritually develop while also learning the fundamentals of music theory. 

Key Components: 

1. Weekly Bible Verses: Each week Sailors are taught age appropriate  Bible verses that they can recite during performances. This not only helps them memorize scripture but also instills valuable lessons from the Bible. 

2. Daily Devotions: Older Sailors are encouraged to engage in daily devotional readings as a way to deepen their understanding of the Faith and build a personal connection with God. 

3 Music Theory: The club offers an enjoyable and educational approach to teaching basic music theory. Sailors learn about the fundamentals of music while having fun with the process. 

4. Godly Character Lessons: The heart of the weekly meetings lies in the exploration of Godly character traits. Through stories, interactive pages, games and songs. Sailors learn about virtues that align with Christian values. 

5. Service Opportunities: Monthly and quarterly performances allow Sailors to apply the lessons they have learned in the club. These performances may involve speaking and singing, providing a platform for them to share their faith and character growth. 

6. Incentives: Sailors are rewarded for consistent attendance, active participation and the display of Godly character traits. These incentives help motivate and reinforce positive behavior. 

All Sailors are required to assemble under the leadership of Captain Patch the Pirate every Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall. This consistent gathering serves as a time for fellowship, learning and growth. 

In essence, Patch the Pirate Club is a comprehensive children's program that intertwines Christian teachings, music education and character development. It provides a nurturing environment where young participants can not only learn about their faith but also embody it through their actions and interactions with others.