Patch the Pirate

Teacher: Bro. Chad Bolding

Patch the Pirate club is a unique children's program that teaches elementary-aged children Christian character through Bible stories, music lessons, games, activities, and performances. Weekly meetings emphasize the Godly attributes that help "Sailors" spiritually grow while learning basic music theory.

Basic Elements

- Weekly Bible verses: sailors learn age-appropriate Bible verses and often quote them during performances
- Daily devotions: older sailors are encouraged to read assigned devotions each day
- Music theory: sailors learn basic music theory in a fun and educational way
- Godly character lessons: weekly meetings emphasize Godly character through stories, fun pages, games, and songs
- Service opportunities: monthly and quarterly performances including speaking and singing, and application of club Bible lessons
- Incentives: Sailors receive rewards for demonstrating faithful attendance, a willingness to participate, and Godly character

All Sailors must report to Captain Patch the Pirate at 7:00 PM each Wednesday night at Victory Baptist Church

  April 2021  
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