Horizons Class.

The Young Married and College Ministry known as the Horizons Class embodies the values of building both homes and ministries based on the teachings of the Bible. This ministry is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, increasing knowledge and understanding of God's Word and encouraging the practical application of these truths in everyday life.

1. Building on the Word: The central focus is on building lives and ministries anchored in the Word of God. This means that every aspect of life and service is grounded in Biblical principles. 

2. Spiritual Growth: The ministry is committed to nurturing spiritual growth, helping members deepen their faith and understanding of God's Word. 

3. Practical Application: It's not just about knowledge. It's about applying the teachings for the Bible to real-life situations. Members are encouraged to live out their faith in their every day lives. 

4. Biblical Fellowship: There's a strong emphasis on fostering genuine desire for Biblical fellowship. This means connecting with others in the Church community on a deep spiritual level. 

5. Relationship Building: Creating opportunities for deep personal relationships is a priority. The ministry seeks to build a sense of family and community within the Church. 

6. Service: The ministry is passionate about providing opportunities for service within the Church, local community and globally. Serving others is seen as a tangible expression of faith. 

The Horizons Ministry extends a warm invitation to anyone interested in becoming a part of their community. Meetings take place in the Fellowship Hall in the Main Building every Sunday morning at 10:00am. Here members can engage in meaningful discussions, study God's Word, build relationships and explore opportunities for service. 

In essence the Horizons class is not just a ministry but a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to living out their faith in a way that impacts both their personal lives and the world around them. It's a place where spiritual growth, fellowship and service are at the heart of everything they do.